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The Astroflex® flexible metal hose is a pipe made of stainless steel or continuous wall nickel alloys with corrugations which allow it to be a flexible. It is to be used when it is essential to benefit from the quality of physical/chemical properties of the metal and the flexibility of elastomers.

The Astroflex® flexible metal hose is made with different geometry corrugations , all designed to optimize the characteristics of mechanical resistance and pressure, depending on the working conditions in which it is due to operate. The presence of one or more braids outside the hose gives it the ability to withstand even very high pressures, while other accessories designed by the Engineering Department makes the Astroflex® hose extremely versatile for various applications in accordance with the Safety and Reliability requirements.

The Astroflex® stainless steel hose is to be used where it is essential to benefit from the physical/chemical properties of the metal and the flexibility of elastomers. We recommend stainless steel especially when even only one of the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  •  RESISTANCE TO EXTREME TEMPERATURES: in cryogenic applications down to liquid helium temperatures (-269 ° C); in the chemical industry where, in certain processes of synthesis, temperatures exceeding 800° C are reached. In these applications rubber or elastomeric hoses can be affected, but not stainless steel’s ones.
  •  PERFECT SEAL: in the vacuum industry and in some research applications in Applied Physics, where  sealing characteristics above 10-10 mbar I/sec are required; in the technical gases industry, for filling the tanks with nominal pressure of 350 bar.
  • FLAME RESISTANCE AND FIRE-PROOFNESS: in the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, steel and generally in all applications in which flexible pipes conveying dangerous fluids are required.
  • RESISTANCE TO AGEING: in all those applications where elastomers and polymers can undergo alterations of their own characteristics due to exposure to light or to atmospheric agents, and such things cannot occur with stainless steel!
  • RESISTANCE TO CORROSION: in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, from marine and atmospheric agents to aggressive fluids, the Astroflex® Technical Department will help you choose the pipe material and braid that are best suited to the specific application.
  • NON-TOXICITY: in the food and pharmaceutical and high vacuum industries, with the possibility to carry out cleaning operations at high temperature (backing) up to 500° C with no mechanical characteristics alteration.


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Wherever elastomers and polymers cannot be employed, due to operating conditions that may cause critical issues, the Astroflex® flexible metal hose guarantees, instead:

  • Safety: areas with critical temperatures that can alter the characteristics of a plastic material pipe;
  • Water resistance: elastomers and polymers are permeable. This feature penalizes their use with heating systems, which do not tolerate the circulating fluids oxygenation. The application with vacuum systems is the most significant expression of the flexible metal hose sealing quality;
  • Duration: metal is not subject to aging processes, typical instead of rubber and plastic. In most home and industrial gas supply connections a flexible metal pipe is employed;
  • Dimensional stability: The flexible metal hose has a large diametrical stability: it resists high radial loads and tight curvatures, without diameter variation;
  • Compatibility with fluids: Stainless steel has an excellent resistance to oils: In combination with resistance to temperatures, it is widely applied in the automotive industry (e.g.: turbine oil drainage, water recirculating and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)).


  • Fluid temperature withstand, whether being high or low, outside the range of plastic materials compatibility
  • Hygiene: The flexible metal hose can undergo sterilization processes at high temperatures without any problespezzoniondaquadra_7065m.

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