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The Astrolink flexible hose is made with stainless steel and is used for connecting water networks.
The nominal pressure PN indicated in the table represents the maximum allowable pressure when the hose is extended up to 30% of its length.

Fluid: Water

PN: depending on DN, from 3 bar to 12 bar

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The flexible metal hose Flexone is designed and manufactured according to UNI EN 14800: 2007 and is suitable for connection to the home gas network.

It is not extensible, but it comes in 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000 mm sizes.

It can works with natural gas, propane-butane-LPG.

Maximum pressure: 0,5 bar.

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The Metal Gaz flexible hose is suitable for natural gas, propane, butane and LPG, and it complies with UNI 11353 requirements.

The bending radius must not be less than 2xDN

Maximum pressure: 0.5 bar

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The expansion joint ASTROJOINT is to be employed when compensation for small movements such as, the expansion of a piping due to thermal changes, is required. ASTROJOINT may also be employed in blown air burners and boilers of various kinds, up to the allowable pressure of 2.5 bar.

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ASTROMETER is a flexible stainless steel hose for gas meters connections.

Maximum pressure: 0.5 bar

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he VIBRATIG vibration absorbers are employed in order to eliminate the vibrations, transmitted by the compressor, to the general circuit pipes. They also reduce noise and compensate small thermal expansion.

The particular construction of the VIBRATIG also allows the vertical installation. They avoid any possibility of condensation water retention in the wavy area adjacent to the end of the pipe.

All the joints between the various components, including COPPER/STAINLESS STEEL, are made by TIG welding. Since there is no brazing, VIBRATIG can be brazed on the pipes without overheating being limited.

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Taylor-made hoses and bellows

Send us your request specifying: size, type of connection, fluid to be conveyed, pressure and operating conditions of the hose and we will shortly get back to you with our best offer.