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Do you need physical/chemical properties of metal, but also the flexibility of elastomers?
Do you need:

– Working temperatures ranging from -269° C to  +800°C?
– Perfect seal to values ​​even higher than 10-9 mbar I/sec?
– Ability to operate at prohibitive pressures (even 350 bar!!)?
– A fire-proof and fire-resistant product?
– Unchanged duration for your system life?
– Corrosion resistance?
– Non-toxicity and compatibility with food and medical fluids?

Do You work in one of the following areas:

– INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION? Our Vibratig® flexible hose is the vibration absorber to be installed in the area of the pipe which is close to the compressor, in order to AVOID THE TRANSMISSION OF VIBRATIONS to the system. Therefore, it is possible to significantly increase the life of the entire system with the damping of the detrimental impact of the vibration onto the joints and on the components, and, at the same time, to increase the comfort of the system with noise reduction of the complex

-AUTOMOTIVE? Our WATER, ENGINE OIL and EGR CIRCUITS CONNECTION PIPES, configured to the customer’s request, are an example of how we are able to accommodate the most demanding requirements with the flexibility which distinguishes Astroflex®

– VACUUM? With our products for high vacuum we solve the problem of the CONNECTION BETWEEN THE PUMP AND THE UNITS in the system test, we make the CONNECTION of HEAT TREATMENT AND COATING SYSTEMS, and we are in the systems for VACUUM PACKAGING, too. Our top product is the VIBRATION DAMPER for electronic microscopes vacuum chambers!

– DOMESTIC GAS? This is the field which has allowed us to expand and become well-known: our hoses to meter-connection hoses, our expansion joints for gas burners, our cooker bendable hoses for the industrial kitchens, flexible hoses for the connection of fixed and mobile households, and the gas cylinder safety connection flexible hoses are Astroflex® standard production and are standard equipment of the major, renowned and well established suppliers in Europe and in the world!

– WATER? Our extensible and non-extensible hoses are suitable for the connection of domestic and industrial users. The expansion joints solve every need of conveyance, and can be also tailored-made, regardless of the requirements to be met.

– SOLAR THERMIC? Our innovative hoses, HEATED BY JOULE EFFECT, essentials for molten salt conveyance, as well as our hosed molten salts, and expansion compensators for hose receivers, are an integral part of the devices for the exploitation of solar energy for heating.

– GASES? We can manufacture high pressure flexible hoses for liquid gases diversion and compressed gases!

So….. You are a potential Astroflex’s customer:

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